David Morris

Citizen engagement

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David has pioneered innovations in citizen engagement at the local, national and global levels.

He has designed locally-owned and locally-relevant deliberations, generating roadmaps for practical, common ground policy development, confidence building and peace building.

He has worked with local, emerging leaders to build capacity and creative approaches to change with his global program, the Inglis Clark Circle, developed and delivered in partnership with www.kapacity.org


 About the Inglis Clark Circle

Tasmanian Andrew Inglis Clark was one of the founding fathers of Australia’s 1901 Constitution, developed from local and global deliberation on designing democracy – including innovations such as the elected Senate and the referendum to give power to the people.

In this spirit, the Inglis Clark Circle is a global program that builds capacity in leadership – based on inclusive dialogue, deliberation and encouraging creative focus on strategies delivering practical impact and enduring influence.

With local partners as workshop clients, the Inglis Clark Circle identifies young, emerging leaders across disciplinary and organizational divides to participate in workshops and online collaboration.

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The Inglis Clark Circle:

Develops individual and collaborative problem-solving skills – to enable more constructive contributions to civil society, business and governance;

Fosters creative, innovative and interdisciplinary dialogue and deliberation – through familiarity with best practice informed by key theory, to overcome silo-thinking;

Builds and sustains a global network – using workshops and online tools to support ongoing exchange of perspectives and practice among young and emerging leaders; and

Makes a practical and ongoing contribution to open and inclusive deliberationin societies with marginalized groups, fragile civil society and other economic, social and governance challenges.

The Inglis Clark Circle was launched in 2014 in Serbia – an ‘edge’ economy and society facing serious governance, inclusion and democratic engagement challenges.  It is currently being rolled out across Australia, South Asia and Central Europe.


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