David Morris

Good governance


David has served as a trusted adviser providing wise counsel to heads of government and ministers.  He has served as a senior official, leading strategic planning, policy coordination, international projects and delivering high-impact stakeholder partnerships for transformational change.  He has also worked with civil society organisations building social capital in diverse communities.

David has led cutting edge and enduring good governance initiatives for greater transparency, participation, inclusion, effectiveness and accountability.  He is a practitioner as well as thought leader, with expertise and experience at each stage from policy development to strategy to capability to execution.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Policy coordination
  • International relations
  • Stakeholder partnerships
  • Citizen engagement
  • Strategic communications
  • Capacity building


From diplomatic service in Hungary and Ireland in the 1990s … to  leadership capacity building programs in Central Europe.

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From designing innovative governance in Tasmania … to architect of global partnerships for “Brand Sydney” promotion

morris1  David Morris, brand Sydney project


From 20 years of relationship building with China … to a recent leadership capacity building program in Sri Lanka.

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David Morris Projects